NIST Students come out with flying colors in different sporting events


Rec: Renewable Energy Club

"Innovations heal the future"

The Renewable Energy Club (REC) is a remarkable organization at NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) with a mission centered around raising awareness about nature and its invaluable resources. Founded in 2007 in collaboration with OREDA (Odisha Renewable Energy Development Association), a government undertaking in India, and registered with Vigyan Prasar, a government organization under the Department of Science and Technology, REC has become one of the most outstanding clubs on campus.
REC takes great pride in promoting awareness through various initiatives and events. From organizing workshops like the "Gandhi Global Solar Yatra Workshop" to showcasing renewable energy installations on campus through the "RE-TOUR," the club leaves no stone unturned in spreading knowledge and understanding. Their efforts have gained recognition, with several projects currently under consideration by Startup Odisha.

Within the NIST campus, numerous energy-saving technologies have been implemented, including the "Arun-30" solar concentrator, comprised of 30 solar concentrator plates, which significantly reduces energy consumption and saves a substantial number of LPG cylinders each year. Another notable installation is the EDC building, which houses a hybrid unit generating 3.2 kW from wind power and 1.8 kW from solar power. Operational since July 2011, the Wind-PV Hybrid power plant charges a battery bank and feeds a 5 kVA inverter, generating 230 volts AC to power the EDC building.
REC's commitment to promoting renewable energy and sustainability is commendable, as their efforts make a significant impact in preserving our planet's resources for future generations & plays a vital role in creating a greener and more environmentally conscious community at NIST.



"Gazing Beyond the Limits..."

The NIST Astronomy club aims to create interest amongst the students to observe the sky through telescope and popularize astronomy among them. The club wants to establish a hi-tech planetarium inside the campus in future to motivate the students to gaze beyond the limits.

Astronomy Club



"Integration of Innovation and Intelligence"

NIST Robotics Club (NRC) aims at energizing young engineering minds towards the next era of technological evolution. It is a multidisciplinary club incorporating Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. NRC is a known face in Robotics in India and has won many national and state level accolades truly standing to its mission - integrating innovation and intelligence.



"Innovate to Implement"

EHC has been the platform for those who have ventured to go beyond the conventional theory in the field of electronics. Be it the Hardware competition in 'Sankalp' or the celebration of 'Electronics Month' or the performance in 'Tech fests' across India, EHC has always carried the tag of success.

Innovate to Implement



"Lets go and excel in the field of programming for creating efficient and innovative solutions to the real world problems"

Club Excel enhances the creativity of the students and acquaints them with the current industry and real world problems. Innovative thinking is the only factor that decides one's survival in the corporate life. CLUB EXCEL organizes mega programming events in each semester. No wonder its members bagged 7 awards in Top 10 in Wipro's "Code Zap Guru" contest, 2010.



"EUREKA: Rediscover Yourself"

With a quest for literary brilliance, EUREKA organizes inter-school and inter-college literary competitions every year. Apart from this, the club also performs skits and plays in English, and offers students Business English Certificate (BEC) courses in collaboration with British Council.




"Dare to Dream, Strive to excel"

Doing something different has been the desire of great minds. Desire needs to be tailored and guided by a proper counselor to produce constructive outcome. In order to understand the term "INNOVATION" and resurrect every mind with the essence of innovation, the Club Innova was pioneered at NIST.



"Creation from Recreation..."

NIST AD Club promotes events where students hone their real time management skills and accelerate their personality growth in true terms. It takes up socio-cultural problems as events and exposes the members to the other side of civil society. If filmmaking and coining slogans excite you then this club is definitely for you.




"So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity... Welcome to the clan of MULTIMEDIA DESIGNERS"

The multimedia club of NIST invites one and all to participate and to be what we really are! We provide a platform to exploit your creative instincts. As it is said, "the liberty to make mistakes provides the best environment for creativity." Professionals and amateurs both are welcome, for the club guides you right from scratch. We tutor your talents and facilitate a way to reach the zenith of creativity.



"Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"

In the whispers of the wind or the swirl of the ripples, the rhythm of the river or the chorus of the birds, music is everywhere. Music is cherished without inhibitions or prohibitions. It is the universal language which knows no boundaries yet has the strength to cleanse the malaise of any soul. It can bring a whole new meaning to this journey called life. This is what NMS dreams to achieve. Our first album "Phoenix" was a super hit.




SAC encourages NISTians to develop their athletic skills with its rich infrastructure for sports. It has won laurels at inter-college and university level and trains the students for different adventurous activities like canoeing, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, trekking and mountain climbing.



"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united."

The green campus carries the Yoga Centre and the Gymnasium at its heart facilitating students to lead a healthy and stress free life. Yoga and Fitness Club manages these activities by conducting different yoga baithaks and fitness trainings periodically. A must read is "ENJOY YOUR BREATH" and "KILL THAT STRESS BEFORE IT KILLS YOU" by Maharshi Yogiraj.




NIST Swimming Club encourages students, faculty members and staff to stay healthy through swimming. It conducts periodic swimming camps and competitions. It is now so well established that our students outdo the faculty in swimming.



The main motto of this club is to inculcate research interests among the students in the field of Cloud Computing and its associated areas such as Parallel Processing, High Performance Computing and Grid Computing. Students from several branches participate in various events organized by Cloud Computing Club.


Astronomy Club


Foto Folks is a club of like-minded NIST students and faculty members who say it better through pictures. A group of amateurs, they sacrifice their moments to make the others' memorable. The club is an integral part of every event held in the campus. It's tough to spot them, nobody knows where they are lurching; they shot with the precision of a hitman and present NISTians the most candid moments. Besides, they take part in photo exhibitions, workshops and competitions. They have often been felicitated for their passion and creativity.



"Let's bell the cat"

The CAT Club helps club members and all the students in placement activities. It provides test series for cracking competitive exams such as CAT (Common Admission Test), organises events such as Grand Master, an inter college chess tournament and analytical events such as Devil's Advocate and Senator. It gives students an opportunity to nurture your talent and reach the zenith of success.

CAT club of NIST conducted the mega event of the club, The Grand Master 2.0. Many colleges of Odisha participated in this Inter College Chess Tournament to win the title of the Grand Master. The event was a huge success.


Astronomy Club


"Not Me But You"

Launched in Gandhi Ji's Centenary year, 1969, the National Service Scheme (NSS) is a government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. NSS NIST started its journey on 4th August 2013. In a short span it has become a renowned a social mover in the region regularly conducting donation drive camps, health camps, and social awareness camps every year.

  • Donation Drive Camp: Collect funds and kinds (stationary and other useful items) through events like the museum, a mini carnival, etc., and distribute those in the nearby slums and orphanages.
  • Health Camp: Create good health through blood donation camps in NIST, health check-up and vaccination camps in the surroundings and sensitize the youth to work for the same.
  • Awareness Camp: Spread social awareness related to common social issues and social culture through street play, skit, and other cultural activity.


Quizzards Club

"Wizzards among Muggles"

Club Quizzards is the home of finest quizzing brains at the campus. They organise various National-level, Inter-school & in-campus quizzing competitions. The members of quizzards have won and regularly take part in prestigious quizzing competitions in the country.


Astronomy Club


"You see the world, The way we built.."

NIST CIVENG'S CLUB, a club from the Department of Civil Engineering, aims to encourage the development of a professional consciousness, provide an opportunity for the students to become acquainted with effective team skills and promote a spirit of congeniality among them. Every year, the club conducts fun and strategic events like DEFECTOGRAPHY, JENGA, SETUBANDHAN, REKHACHITRA, HUMAN LUDO etc.

  • DEFECTOGRAPHY: This event is nothing but a presentation of photographs clicked by the participants which shows the damaged structure or things which can be cured by applying the engineering knowledge.
  • JENGA: A game where players take turns to remove wooden blocks from a stack formed brickwise, the loser being the player whose actions cause the tower to fallOnce the tower is built, the person who built the tower gets the first move.
  • SETUBANDHAN: This is the major events that our club conducted both sankalp. It the most participated - event in the history of two year of all competition conducted in sankalp by the virtue of number of participants.
  • REKHACHITRA: This is event was conducted in sankalp 2k18 is a major event and as the name says it’s a AutoCAD 3D models drawing competition . The one who draws the most complicated model using most number of different commands of the application was the winner



NIST Students come out with flying colors in different sporting events


Movie Making Competition

Club EUREKA organised a Movie Making Competition for the students of NIST few days back. The theme of the competition was 'NIST College Life.' Twenty two videos were uploaded in the YouTube. Based on the youtube hits: views, likes, and dislikes and the jury's marks, the winners were selected and were awarded with cash prizes (Rs. 10,000 for all winners) during Waves 2012.

People interested to watch the videos please follow the link:


NIST Robotics Club (NRC) organized the Summer Workshop on Robotics for school children from 1st to 14th June 2013. The club has been organising this workshop successfully for the past eight years, where top five students from all the schools in and around Berhampur are invited. The students learn the basics of Robotics and Its Application. JUNK Robotics, Manual Robotics. LEGO Robotics, Electronics and Automatic Robotics Concepts are made clear to the students in the workshop. This is free for all the participants and the institute bears all the expenses for the same. Around 50 students from various schools participated in the workshop this year. The program was organized and coordinated by Mr Swagat Kumar Samantaray along with the club members.


Think Ware, a venture of KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd., Noida in collaboration with NIST Robotics Club conducted a Workshop on 'Eye Botics' in the college campus on 13th and 14th April 2013. This workshop focused on Image processing in Matlab Image Acquisition, Image Manipulation in MATLAB, Integrating Image Processing Code in Real Time, Ball Following Robot, and Object Tracking Robot. A total of 181 Students from different semesters participated in the workshop. Mr Swagat Kumar Samantaray, Faculty Advisor, NRC along with the members of the club and other faculty members coordinated the workshop.


In yet another eventful week in NIST, the NIST Astronomy Club celebrated the Astronomy Week from 16th to 20th April 2013. Over a span of five days many exciting competitions: general quiz, paper presentation, poster presentation, Vega Bond were organized in the campus where a huge participation was witnessed. On the final day the event was concluded by a documentary show to increase the inquisitiveness and awareness of the students in the field of astronomy. Ms Jyoti Padhi and Ms G. Spandana, B. Tech 2nd year secured first position in general quiz, Ms Aparna Rani Behera, B.Tech 2nd year, first in poster presentation, Mr Kunal Gaurav, Mr Jitendra Kumar and Mr Deepak Kumar, B.Tech 2nd year, first in Vega Bond and Mr Soumya Ranjan Senapati, B.Tech 1st year was adjourned the best presenter in the paper presentation competition. The program was organized by the members of the club under the guidance of Dr Mihir Hota, Faculty Advisor, Astronomy Club.


Club Eureka and Club Innova successfully conducted the Sand Art Competition in the college campus. Around 50 students (eight groups) participated in the same. Through sand art, on the theme 'Moulding Change in Society', the students presented their ideas on End of Terrorism, United India, Gender Equality, Primacy of Lord of Knowledge over the universe, Respect Women, Women at par with men, Tobacco Kills, and Pac Man - a computer game where a man is ready to kill terrorism, corruption and poverty - the three demons of humankind. Mr Bhagabati Pattnaik, Dr Ram Kulesh Thakur, Ms Sreta Patnaik and the Faculty Advisors of both the clubs, Dr Suresh Patnaik and Mr Dipti Ranjan Lenka evaluated the sand art competition of students.