High Performance Computing & Algorithmic Simulations
Course Contents:
Part 1 – Introduction to Linux.
Linux Operating system, Commands, shell scripts and shell programs, compilers and debuggers in Linux, Multiuser and multitasking program environment using C in Linux, POSIX thread, processes, IPC
Part 2 – Introduction to Parallel Programming
Parallel program and serial program, speed up, Instruction level parallelism vs. thread level parallelism, Different parallel programming architectures, parallel programming algorithms on Mesh, Hypercube, Clusters and Multi core architecture
Part 3 –
Introduction to OpemMp, Shared memory programming - OpenMp Architecture and OS support, Compilers in OpenMp, OpenMp syntax and semantics, Data flow analysis, pointer analysis, alias analysis, Code optimization, loop optimization., Example programs – matrix addition, matrix multiplication, vector and matrix multiplication, solution of system of linear equations, strassen’s matrix multiplication, solution of partial differential equation, AVL tree, DFS,BFS.
Part 4 –
Introduction to MPI programming, OpenMp Vs. MPI, Syntax and semantics of MPI, Data flow analysis, pointer and alias analysis, Different message passing interfaces and their usages, PYTHON MPI – A new paradigm of HPC., JAVA and HPC – Thread class, Runnable interface., Example Programs – bisection, regula falsi method of finding root, interpolation – Newton’s and Lagrange’s method. Runge kutta method. Solution of system of linear equation. Computational Geometry problems – Graham scan method, closest pair of points using MPI, Optimal triangulation using MPI.
Part 5 –
Hadoop installation, Tutorial, YARN and Map Reduce, Tera sort using map reduce, Introduction to GPU, GPU vs. CPU, CUDA architecture and GPU COMPUTING. Examples, Introduction to Cloud Computing & Big Data Analytics., Project Demonstration.
Knowledge of one programming language is necessary. Students with knowledge of DS, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture will have better understanding.
Course Fees:
For Students: Rs. 8,000/-
For Industry sponsored candidates: Rs. 10,000/-