Clubs @ NIST

Astronomy Club

"Gazing Beyond the Limits..."

     The NIST Astronomy club aims to create interest amongst the students to observe the sky through telescope and popularising astronomy among them. The club wants to establish a hi-tech planetarium inside the campus in future to motivate the students to gaze beyond the limits.

NIST Astronomy Club launches its Quarterly Magazine Cosmic Dive

Robotics Club

"Integration of Innovation and Intelligence"

     NIST Robotics Club (NRC) aims at energizing young engineering minds towards the next era of technological evolution. ROBOTICS is multidisciplinary incorporating Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, etc. NRC is a known face in Robotics in India winning many national and state level accolades truly standing to its mission - integrating innovation and intelligence.

Electronics Hobby Club

"Innovate to Implement"

     EHC has been the platform for those who ventured to go beyond the conventional theory in the field of electronics. Either be it the Hardware competition in 'Sankalp' or be the celebration of 'Electronics Month' or be the performance in 'Tech fests' across India, EHC always carries the tag of success.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

"Initiation to Enterprise"

     The aim of EDC at NIST is to institutionalizing mechanism, which acts as support system for technocrat entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Development Cell at NIST helps as a tool to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment amongst technical students as an attractive and viable career option.

Renewable Energy Club

"Innovate to Implement"

     "SPREADING AWARENESS ABOUT RENEWABLE ENERGY" being the motto of the club, it started in the year 2007 with the collaboration of OREDA (Orissa Renewable Energy Development Association), which is a Govt. of India undertaking. This makes the club most outstanding club of NIST. It organizes different workshops, Hardware Model Expo and awareness camps at different locations.

NIST Renewable Energy Club publishes its Quarterly Magazine Green Sense

Club Excel

"Lets go and excel in the field of programming for creating efficient and innovative solutions to the real world problems"

     Club Excel enhances the creativity of the students and acquaints them with the current industry & real world problems, Innovative thinking is the only factor that decides your survival in the corporate life. CLUB EXCEL organizes mega programming events in each semester. No wonder its members got 7 awards in Top 10 in Wipro's "Code Zap Guru" contest, 2010.

Eureka Club

"EUREKA: Rediscover Yourself"

     A Quest for Literary Brilliance. EUREKA organizes Inter School and Inter College Literary Competitions. Performs skits and plays in English, Offers Business English Certificate (BEC) courses to students in collaboration with British Council.

Club Innova

"Dare to dream Strive to excel"

     Doing something different has been the desire of great minds. Desire needs to be tailored and guided by a proper counselor to produce constructive outcome. In order to understand the term "INNOVATION" and resurrect every mind with the essence of innovation; the Club Innova was pioneered @NIST.

AD Club

"Creation from Recreation..."

     NIST AD Club promotes events where students hone their real time management skills and accelerate their personality growth in true terms. It takes up socio-cultural problems as events and exposes the members to the other side of civil society. If filmmaking and coining slogans excite you then this club is for you.

Multimedia Club

"So what are you waiting for ? Grab the opportunity... Welcome to the clan of MULTIMEDIA DESIGNERS"

     The multimedia club of NIST invites one and all to participate and to be what we really are! We provide a platform to exploit your creative instincts. As is said "the liberty to make mistakes provides the best environment for creativity" professionals and amateurs are both welcome, for the club guides you right from scratch. We tutor your talents and facilitate a way to reach the zenith of creativity.

NIST Musical Society

"Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit"

     In the whispers of the wind or swirl of the ripples, the rhythm of the river or chorus of the birds, music is everywhere. Music is cherished without inhibitions or prohibitions. It is the universal language which knows no boundaries but still has the strength to cleanse the malaise of any soul. It can bring a whole new meaning to this journey called life. This is what NMS dreams to achieve. Our first album "Phoenix" was a super hit.

Sports & Adventure Club

     SAC encourages NISTians to develop their athletic skills with its rich infrastructure for sports, winning laurels at inter college and university level and trains the students for different adventurous activities like canoeing, Kayaking, para-sailing, paragliding, trekking and mountain climbing.

Yoga & Fitness Club

"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united."

     The green campus carries the Yoga Centre and the Gymnasium at its heart facilitating students to lead a healthy and stress free. Yoga and Fitness Club manages these activities by conducting different yoga baithaks and fitness trainings periodically. A must read is "ENJOY YOUR BREATH" and "KILL THAT STRESS BEFORE IT KILLS YOU" by Maharshi Yogiraj.

Swimming Club

     NIST swimming club encourages students, faculty members and staff to stay healthy through swimming. It conducts periodic swimming camps and competition. It is now well established that students are better swimmers than faculty.

Club Quizzards

     Club Quizzards aims at Creating a Quizzing culture across the campus of NIST. Quizzing comes from Curiosity and the talent of making calculated guess. Quizzard members have won several quiz competitions held across the state and take part in various events all across the country. Jigyasa, "All For Nought" being a few hallmark events ,the club and its members has been successful in achieving their goal.

Club NSS

    Team NSS NIST, a society of serving hands is the unit of Berhampur University under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India was started in the year 2012 with the aim of spreading good will, helping consciousnesses among the society.Team NSS takes part in various social drives in and outside the campus. Blood donations , Health camps, orphanage, old age home visit , Nukkad on social issues are few of the hallmark activities. NIST NSS volunteers have bagged many precious award for social causes over a period of time.

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