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NIST invites Business Proposals/Business Ideas/ Innovations on product/Process/Service from its potential entrepreneurs and innovators, having commercial viability, who wish to see their business ideas, get incubated at NIST campus. Every viable/shortlisted idea will get monetary support ranging from Rs.4 lakhs - Rs. 8 lakhs ,depending on the idea and money required to commercialize it.

NIST is the " Business Incubator for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development" funded by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India(MSME).

All selected entrepreneurs/business ideas will get financial, technical and marketing assistance from the Institute.
2010-2011 Granted Projects
  • "Gesture Recognition System" by Mr. E.Balaji Subudhi. vide No.6(19)/(NMCP)Incubator/Meeting/2010-11 dated 08/06/2011.
  • "SMS Based NEWS Display System" by Mr. Nihar Ranjan Sahu . vide No.6(19)/(NMCP)Incubator/Meeting/2010-11 dated 08/06/2011.
  • "AquaScript - A moving Water-Drolet Based Messaging System " by Mr. Byomesh Panda vide No.6(19)/(NMCP)Incubator/Meeting/2010-11 dated 08/06/2011.
  • "YottoSense" by Dr. Subir Saha vide No.6(19)/(NMCP)Incubator/Meeting/2010-11 dated 08/06/2011.

2009-2010 Granted Projects
  • "K-Technologies" of Rs.9.64 Lakhs. vide No.6(19)/(NMCPIncubator/Meeting/2009-10 dated 29/3/2010.
  • "Wi-Fi Electronic Guide/E-Guide for Tourist Application" of Rs.12.7 Lakhs. vide No.6(19)/(NMCPIncubator/Meeting/2009-10 dated 29/3/2010
  • "Service aimed at students community to understand Industry needs and its best practices" of Rs.7.36 Lakhs. vide No.6(19)/(NMCPIncubator/Meeting/2009-10 dated 29/3/2010
  • "Noiseless Solar Grass Cutter" of Rs. 6,25000/- to Mr. Mihir Hota.

What stops you! unleash the business baron in you.

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Mr. Bhawani S. Patnaik
NIST, Berhampur
Ph: 09437166101

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