Education is not about merely imparting knowledge; it is about inculcating values and discipline. It builds youth into strong men and women of tomorrow. Hence a few years ago, the college had built an indoor stadium and many outdoor setups for Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Volley Ball, Chess and Carom. It also has an independent GYM.


NIST has good cricket grounds to conduct tournaments. Every year there is an inter college cricket tournament which is held between the students of NIST as well as there is a separate one staff and the faculty and a huge participation is there from students and faculty from all over the state as well as country.


One of the prides of our sports club is the huge basketball court where the contests are held every year between students of different colleges across Odisha and India. There are separate tournaments for boys and girls.



The volley ball court at NIST is a huge boost to the sports culture among NISTians - faculty, students and staff. The team sport increases the team spirit and helps the students to learn discipline. Every year the best of Odisha participate with hundreds of spectators cheering for their team.


NIST has a huge lawn tennis court where the best people participate. It occupies a special place in the heart of every sport lover measuring 38.5 by 74.5 mt with a sitting arrangement for 100 people.


The badminton court is situated inside the indoor stadium where there are sitting arrangements for around 50 people. There are separate timings for faculty and students who can go and practice to keep themselves fit and at the same time can play at a professional level.



NIST boasts of a semi Olympic size swimming pool to groom the students to keep themselves fit. There are separate trainers for boys and girls. As swimming is one of the best exercises to help them to stay fit, one of the favorite events of NISTians is the swimming contest held every year during annual sports.


Onsite squash court at the college helps the occasional competitors to test their skills. Top players can go for inter college competitions but those who want to play for occasional fitness are also welcome.


NISTians do freak out and they do it in style. Though wall climbing is not a traditional sport but anyone who has a passion for adventure can test their adrenaline with this sport and you do not need to move to distant location or travel somewhere to do that, it can be done right here at NIST but with all the safety measures





Wind surfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and powered by wind on a sail.
The NIST wind surfing team enjoys the water sport occasionally.


It is one of the best adventure sports known and the students over here are no stranger to this sport. With all the safety measures it is carried out successfully every year with a huge number of onlookers waiting for their turn.


One of the best recreational outdoor activities the NISTians go for every year.





Conquer the hill with a bike is the motto of the hill biking team who chill out every year with this adventure sport amidst their tight academic schedule.


A mini-trekking expedition was organized from Ramaihya Patnam to Markandi on Sea for the 1st year B.Tech, MCA, and MBA students of the institute. The trek was flagged off by Mr Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik, faculty member, Dept. of CSE at 09:15 a.m. Around 135 students, staff, and faculty members participated in the trekking program. All the trekkers were provided with T-shirt, cap, refreshments and lunch by the institute. Among the faculty members and staff who actively participated in the trekking were, Mr R.K. Shial, Mr Anisur Rahman, Dr Mihir Hota, Mr Bishnukar Nayak, Mr Asish Dass, Mr Ashu A., Mr Mitu Baral, Mr Ashok Kumar Samantray, Dr Duryodhan Sahu and Mr Sourav Nayak. The program was arranged and coordinated by Mr Vinay Das, Coordinator, Students Activity Center (SAC) of NIST.


Enthusiastic students cheer the participants while waiting for their turn during the Zorbing event.



Students Activity Center (SAC) of NIST organized the Asim Memorial Engineers' Cricket Cup tournament in the College Cricket Ground where the participating Teams were:

GIET, Gunupur | CV Raman, Bhubaneswar | GITA, Bhubaneswar | CIPET, Bhubaneswar | PMEC, Berhampur | RIT, Berhampur | APEX, Bhubaneswar | NIST, Berhampur


Basketball Cup


Students Activity Center (SAC) organized the Argonaut's Trophy an Inter-College Basket Ball Tournament at NIST Campus. The following technical Institutions from Odisha participated in this tournament:

PMEC, Berhampur | GEC, Bhubaneswar | ITER, Bhubaneswar | GIET, Gunpur | C.V.Raman, Bhubaneswar | SHRI SHRI University, Cuttack | NIST-A, Berhampur | NIST-B, Berhampur



Students Activity Center (SAC) organized the Valiant Trophy an Inter-College Volley Ball Tournament at NIST Campus. Around eight different technical Institutes of Odisha participated in this tournament. The Teams were:

PMEC, Berhampur | VIGNAN, Berhampur | IGIT, Sarang | GITA, Bhubaneswar | GIET, Gunpur | Royal College of Pharmacy, Berhampur | APEX, Bhubaneswar | NIST, Berhampur






SANKALP is a national-level techno-management symposium organized every year by the National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur, with an aim to nurture the technical expertise and skills among youngsters. It was held on 22nd & 23rd February, 2019. The two-day event provides a unique platform to showcase their talents fueling their innovations in all myriad forms so that they can defy the odds to achieve the pinnacle of fame and glory. Two days of extravaganza presents a plethora of events including Robotics, Web Designing, Quizzes, Coding, Paper Presentation and many more. This enthralling techno-fiesta gives a chance to students to explore and conquer the vast realm of new horizon, redefining the meaning of success itself.



The institute organized its Annual Cultural Fest, Waves 2017 on March 15th & 16th March, 2018. The day was of fun, excitement and entertainment replenished the entire ambiance of NIST. Like every year, this year also both students and faculty challenged and stretched their extracurricular talents to the extreme. The celebrations started with a series of games and sports events like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Throw Ball and many more. The evening was splashed with the spirit of enjoyment as students as well as faculty members took to the stage showcasing their singing, dancing and acting talents. The second day was dedicated to various stage events like Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Debate and Skits. The skits ranged from Modern Ramayana to Students’ Life and several other interesting and nerve tickling experiences. During the fest the Gold and Silver medalists were also felicitated and the deserving students were offered scholarships. The Fashion Show marked the end of the eventful evening.


Basketball Cup

Anniversary Celebration of NIST e_news

The National Institute of Science and Technology celebrated the Anniversary of its monthly newsletter, NIST e_news at its premises. On the occasion, faculty members persuaded the students to look beyond and go that extra mile in substantiating their future goals. They also inspired students with his talk on how they can be good observers of the issues that are plaguing the society including corruption, illiteracy, water problem, environmental pollution, etc., and contribute articles about the same for e_news thereby proving their mettle in becoming the true citizens of the country, and the world.


20 Glorious Years Celebration

As a part of the celebration of the 20 Glorious Years of NIST (1996-2016). Many of the faculty, staff members and students enjoyed the cultural programs held in the college auditorium.