Projects for Hands-on Learning


The best way to master a subject is by doing projects. Through a project we not only get a deeper understanding of the subject but also gain hands-on practical experience. If we are looking to do internships in college, the best way to catch the companies attention is through projects.



Common Ground for Students with Same Passion


With over 15 student clubs on campus, NIST fosters a campus environment that empowers a student's desire to co-create experiences in partnership with others. By doing so, the student engages in a rich variety of opportunities to distinguish themselves while enjoying the friendship of fellow students who share same passions and interests. The various clubs at NIST offer a fun means of developing and honing leadership skills and the ability.

Technical Clubs at NIST

Bioinformatics Club
Electronics Club
Excel - the Programming Club
Multimedia Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Robotics Club
Linux Club
Renewable Energy Club

Cultural Clubs at NIST

NIST Musical Society
Spic Macay
Innova - Innovative Ideas

language Clubs at NIST

EUREKA Club - English Language Club
Foreign Language Club - Japanese, German and French

Health and Sports Clubs at NIST

Yoga Club
Fitness Club
Swimming Club
Sports (Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Table Tennis, Volleyball)


Employment Oriented Summer Course.


NIST provides industry oriented Summers courses in each and every domain to enhance the hands-on learning skills in the students. Each summer course focuses on logical and analytical skill development among the students.

The classrooms are well equipped with all the modern facilities and air conditioned to beat the oppressive summer heat. The courses are planned with regular theory classes and equal importance is given to the lab activities to increase the employability of the students to meet the demands of the fast changing industrial technology.



Internships at Industrial Level


Industrial internship mainly involves demonstration of the machines and methods used in the industry. The final year students of NIST need to do an industrial internship for 1 year to apply the processes they learnt in theory. It helps a student realize that in practical they have an edge above others. Industry internships gives them the confidence and the exposure the need to start a career.



Student Research Through Internship


Research Internship involves working in a lab under guidance of a professor or scientist who are working on a project. The students will be given a work and problems to think, perform and solve. At NIST, the students do a significant amount of research and successful experiments are done through which they will also publish a research paper.